What you have said about our service

Bromley Talking Therapies has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them with overcoming feelings of stress, anxiety, low mood and depression. Click on the boxes below to read some of the feedback we received about our service.


"I had a very high level of social anxiety with some depressive symptoms, which led to me having to take some months off work. Following this, I self-referred to Bromley Talking Therapies. My therapist was absolutely amazing. She was supportive, highly skilled and just a well-rounded, nice person. She has equipped me with skills, tactics and confidence! I am now able to do things like having a coffee alone in a coffee shop, which may seem like a small thing but for someone with social anxiety, it is a major triumph."

"I came to therapy at a point in my life where my OCD was starting to rule my days and fill my mind, while seemingly leading a fulfilled and happy day-to-day I was struggling with the fog of OCD and the energy that it was taking up. When I first asked for help, it was fair to say that I was slightly anxious as to what therapy might look like and what the service would be able to offer.

I should never have worried. Within the first session of meeting my therapist, I felt a sense of reassurance and calm that I didn't think would have been possible. She was approachable, kind and endlessly caring. She listened and she completely understood - through the service, I finally felt that I might just be able to see out through the fog.

I can honestly say that working with the therapist has changed my life. She is an absolute credit to the service and has been unbelievable. I cannot thank her enough for the difference she has made and will continue to make. Her commitment, care and understanding are remarkable, and have brought me to a place I didn't think it would be possible to get to - living my best life!"

"I have experienced anxiety for a very long time. I have tried different methods before, some helped more than others but nothing particularly stuck.  However this round of CBT was by far the most beneficial. The CBT sessions were on MS Teams which was incredibly helpful, as I could see the person talking and the documents she was referring to.

The therapist I had was genuinely lovely, caring and patient. She put time in talking though the methods we used and allowed me to request help and advice on situations I found difficult. It seemed very personalised which I found incredibly helpful. She always seemed in a bright mood,  which really helped ease any worry I had at the beginning. By the end, I was actually looking forward to our sessions and being able to speak to her about anything that happened during the week. I will miss our sessions, but she and I know that we have practiced enough for me to move on on my own."

After a traumatic pregnancy and birth, both of my baby twins were very ill and taken away from me to different wards and hospitals. After suffering with flashbacks and panic attacks for almost a year, I self-referred and was put forward for CBT. I cannot thank my therapist enough, not only did she help me deal with the trauma I had faced but she also changed my whole outlook on life. I can honestly say that I will never be the same again after my treatment… in the best way possible! Thank you again to my therapist and the whole team who took me seriously and treated me with kindness and respect."

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If you had a good experience with Bromley Talking Therapies and want to share your feedback, whether it’s for the service or for individual team members, feel free to get in contact. Similarly, if you’re unhappy with your standard of care or a part of our service, we want to hear from you so we can try to resolve your concerns.

To send feedback, please email bromh.feedback@nhs.net or write to us at the address below:

Patient Experience Lead
Bromley Healthcare
Central Court
1b Knoll Rise
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Please note: no clinics are held at this address.